Network Management

Dental office computer networks enable your staff to share resources and communicate faster, share patients information, diagnostics, digital x-rays across your dental office network.

We will setup and secure the network at your dental practice and you will then have the convenience of being able to share resources and information securely within your own network. Our networking solutions and services include some of the tasks bellow:
  • nw-mgnt-imgConfiguring and connecting networking hardware: Frewalls, Routers, Switches
  • Setting up network applications
  • Setup Active Directory and adding users, computers, passwords, permissions
  • DHCP,  DNS, TCPIP Configurations
  • Local network and internet connectivity and security
  • Network resources sharing and security
Our experienced technicians will come to your dental practice, design and install your network to be operational in no time. We will also show you some helpful hints for managing your network to get the best value from it.

Our Solution

Today’s modern dental practices need not only the latest cutting edge technology and speed, but also the certainty of knowing that all confidential information is kept safe. Inteli Dental is your one source provider for all technical needs within the dental field.
From computer networks implementations to audio-visual solution; Inteli Dental specializes in bringing all the pieces together so that doctors can concentrate on what is most important, the patients’ well being.

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